The energy farm developer: UKA taps into new business sectors

Company announcement

The energy farm developer: UKA taps into new business sectors

The UKA Group has tapped into new business sectors and, in addition to wind energy projects, is also increasing its involvement in solar energy projects.

Following an initial ‘solar test run’ in the USA last year by the subsidiary UKA North America LLC, UKA has begun to develop its solar business in Germany. Alongside the company's core business of planning wind energy projects, UKA is also focussing on the development of ground-mounted photovoltaic installations. The areas for the first projects have already been acquired. This part of the business is comparable to what we know from the wind industry. UKA is expecting that the first UKA solar farms will be put into operation in 2020. Since the UKA Group is involved in planning wind farms throughout Germany, it will also be on the lookout for solar projects in all parts of the country.

This step has made economic sense in the face of significantly lower module prices and the elimination of all tariffs for Chinese solar technology in Germany since 1 September 2018. The prospect, agreed in the German Black-Red coalition agreement, of special invitations to tender for photovoltaic projects for 2019 and 2020 with a total volume of 4,000 megawatts also played a role in the founding of the new solar division. In the solar sector the signs are on the up again.

UKA – the energy farm developer

In light of these changes, UKA is now trading under the additional name of ‘Der Energieparkentwickler’ [‘The energy farm developer’], with immediate effect. ‘Energy farm’ is a succinct means of referring to all business sectors – solar as well as our core business, wind – in a single phrase. Thanks to this largely as yet unused term, UKA has again created a unique, highly memorable selling point.

What is an energy farm?

Energy farms bring together generation plants used for renewable energy, such as wind energy or ground-mounted photovoltaic installations, and the associated infrastructure (e.g. storage units, substations, cables, etc.). In the sense of an energy revolution, which is supported by citizens and municipalities, an energy farm is an important element within a community and its public service. As an experienced, full-service provider working in energy farm development UKA accordingly works closely with communities, landowners, citizens and regional partners.

UKA is looking for new staff to work in its photovoltaic division.

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