UKA Group sells wind farm portfolio

Company announcement

UKA Group sells wind farm portfolio

Blue Elephant Energy AG from Hamburg, Germany, is taking over companies with a project volume of 52 megawatts.

Wind farm developer UKA is selling five wind energy companies to Blue Elephant Energy AG, which is based in Hamburg. The UKA Group’s 17 planned wind turbines, with a nominal capacity of 52 megawatts in total, were erected in Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.

This specifically means:

  • four Vestas V112 turbines, each with a 3.45 megawatt power rating, at Baruth Groß-Ziescht wind farm (Brandenburg, Teltow Fläming district),
  • one Vestas V90 (2.0 megawatts) and five Vestas V112s (3.0 megawatts) at Danna wind farm (Brandenburg, Teltow Fläming district),
  • two Vestas V112s (3.0 megawatts) as well as two Vestas V126s (3.45 megawatts) at Uebigau wind farm (Brandenburg, Elbe-Elster district),
  • as well as one Vestas V90 (2.0 megawatts) and two Vestas V112s (3.0 megawatts) at Wansleben wind farm (Saxony-Anhalt, Mansfeld-Südharz district).

The UKA Group will continue to take on the technical wind farm management through UKB Umweltgerechte Kraftanlagen Betriebsführung. The transaction will also enable Blue Elephant Energy to exploit attractive wind sites in the east of Germany and expand its portfolio to 11 wind farms in total.

About Blue Elephant Energy AG

Blue Elephant Energy AG (BEE) acquires and operates solar and wind farms, as well as other infrastructure projects in the field of renewable energies. BEE currently operates a solar and wind farm portfolio of over 350 MW. On one hand the high-quality renewable energy projects contribute to the energy supply through renewable energies; on the other hand BEE offers its investors attractive returns. BEE invests in sustainable projects that produce secure, reliable yields. Thanks to the provision of equity and equity-like funds by shareholders and the Gothaer insurance group, BEE has access to over EUR 300 m to develop the business. An investment sum of EUR 1.1 billion has been raised through the use of borrowed capital via project financing at an assets level.