[Translate to EN:] Der Repowering-Windenergiepark Warnsdorf (Brandenburg) ist in Betrieb. Foto: Lutz Lehmann

Project announcement

UKA puts the Warnsdorf wind farm into full operation

The German repowering wind farm has been completed and is now supplying sustainably produced electricity for 40,000 households.

Since autumn 2020, they had been erecting it, piece by piece, with the aid of special cranes - now the last of the twelve wind turbines, on the repowering wind farm Warnsdorf near Halenbeck-Rohlsdorf (Germany), has gone into operation. Anyone who had the chance to be there, during the time in which the large system components were transported or erected, could see that the creation of such a wind farm requires the highest level of specialist knowledge and technical skills. Once operational, the turbines rely on the wind to generate electricity, whereas during the process of erecting them with the cranes, there cannot be a strong breeze.

Project developer Stephanie Deleroi from the energy park developer UKA Cottbus said: “Now that   the last wind turbine is up and running and the Warnsdorf wind park is fully operational, it makes you proud. We are grateful to everyone involved for their excellent cooperation, and the result shows us that the energy transition can succeed thanks to the expertise and joint efforts of all parties involved.”

The twelve V126 wind turbines, manufactured by Vestas, are now producing electricity for more than 40,000 households. The project is a repowering project in which twelve outdated systems from 2001 have been replaced with newer and more efficient modern ones. Each one of the new wind turbines can generate electricity with a nominal output of 3.6 megawatts. As soon as the construction work on the wind farm is finished, usual agriculture can recommence around the turbines.