World's first V136 in operation

Company announcement

World's first V136 in operation

The world’s first commercial commissioned turbine V136 3.45 MW was put into operation by the UKA Group on July 25th 2017 in Lieskau, Germany.

The V136-turbine with 66.7m long blades, Large Diameter Steel Tower (LDST) technology and 149 hub height is an extension of the existing 95.1 MW UKA wind farm “Göllnitz-Lieskau-Rehain” in the district Elbe-Elster in Brandenburg, Germany.

“It is a nice coincidence that the turbine is the world’s first commercial commissioned V136 and, at the same time, marks the successful realization of our 333rd wind turbine in Germany. We will continue to rely on the latest turbine technology and the right fit to the respective market to implement projects in a fast, reliable, cost efficient way – and drive down the levelised cost of energy”, says Gernot Gauglitz, managing shareholder of UKA.

The wind farm “Göllnitz-Lieskau-Rehain” is one of the largest German wind parks in the forest with a total output of 95.1 MW. It already comprises 29 Vestas turbines in the 3- to 3.45-MW class, as well as a substation (type V112-3, 0 MW, 140 m hub height, V117-3.3 MW, 141.5 m hub height and V126-3.3 to 3.45 MW, 137 m hub height). The entire wind farm can supply a medium sized German city with clean, environmentally friendly and affordable electricity. To balance the impact of land-use, reforestation measures with eco-logically valuable species have been implemented in the region, and a crane habitat has been created.