Pipeline information through BIL

Are you planning a construction project and would like to know whether UKA has laid pipelines in the near vicinity?

The UKA Group is an active participant on the BIL portal (Nationwide information system for pipeline inquiries). Please submit your inquiry directly on the BIL portal to quickly obtain up-to-date, legally compliant, and free information. In just a few minutes, you can create an error-free and complete construction request online. BIL will then ascertain in real time whether any pipelines or other installations, which are under the operational management of the UKA Group, may be affected by your construction project and inform you accordingly.


3 steps to free Pipeline information

  1. Select area
    Mark the plot area by clicking on the map or enter an address or the coordinates.
  2. Input data
    Fill in all required inquiry and personal data in the query form.
  3. Verify data
    Review all data and submit your request with one click.