A tailwind for citizens and communities: increased municipal revenue thanks to wind energy

A wind farm is an investment in the future. Clean energy generation is not only beneficial to the environment, but also to citizens and communities. Having a wind farm in the local district can be a profitable prospect – providing financial, economic and infrastructure-related benefits.

The energy revolution is the project of the century. It is supported by communities and citizens throughout Germany. They rightly demand that they not only shoulder the liabilities but also have the possibility to benefit from the value created in the region. UKA is large wind farm developer in Germany and takes this into account during all phases of planning and setting up the wind farm.

UKA as a trusted partner for communities

Contractual agreements in connection with planning and installing wind turbines have been in place for many years now between the town of Uebigau-Wahrenbrück and UKA. During this period we have come to know the UKA company and its representatives as reputable, reliable partners. With each project, UKA sought to enter into a dialogue with us and include our wishes in the plans.

Andreas Claus

Mayor of the town of Uebigau-Wahrenbrück



The plan is for up to eight wind turbines with a rated capacity of 27.6 megawatts. One turbine commenced operation in 2016; another was approved.

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The plan is for up to 12 wind turbines with a rated capacity of 38.4 megawatts.

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In 2016 three wind turbines were constructed with a rated capacity of 8.25 megawatts.

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Benefits of working with UKA

Communities and their citizens can work together with UKA and benefit financially and economically from the collaboration. This not only acts as an extra source of revenue, but also creates independence for the future.

  • Financial benefits: community income from wind energy
    • The UKA “Communal Wind Energy” collaborative concept offers local communities the chance to operate wind turbines themselves and to profit financially from doing so. Wind energy provides an important contribution to budgetary consolidation for the partner communities.
    • The wind farms set up by UKA yield business taxes, thereby boosting the municipality’s financial strength.
    • UKA concludes contracts with its partner communities for the paid-for use of the public infrastructure.
    • UKA supports local associated companies that wish to operate the wind turbines.
  • Economic benefits: wind energy provides income for citizens
    • In the UKA project regions landowners benefit from attractive leasing incomes
    • UKA offers residents of the local communities close to the wind generators various different options for getting involved financially in the project.
    • UKA attaches great importance to working with local suppliers and craftspeople on its wind farm projects. The company prefers to award reforestation measures, for instance, to businesses operating in the region.
  • Infrastructure benefits: municipal independence thanks to wind energy
    • Generating electricity in communities in a decentralised way reduces the dependence on unstable global energy imports, as well as on large energy suppliers, which democratises energy production.
    • Communities can protect themselves against the demographic threat of the withdrawal of public services in rural areas by generating energy on site locally.
    • Working with UKA, communities can adapt old installations using the repowering approach. Old turbines, which are often scattered around and situated only a few hundred metres from residential areas, can be concentrated at sites further from any housing.
    • By taking advantage of the compensatory and replacement measures in place for wind energy, communities can, as a countermove, substantially upgrade the municipality's image.


  1. Wind turbines secure communities’ financial strength
  2. Wind energy projects promote the regional economy
  3. Producing wind energy in the local community creates independence

If you would like to get involved in wind turbine projects in your community – or obtain an alternative offer for an existing wind energy project – please contact us.

compensatory measures

Are you looking for appropriate compensatory measures for your community?

KA creates ecologically important biotopes in order to offset the changes to the landscape and the ecosystem at the site where the wind turbines are located. These offsetting measures are generally termed compensatory and replacement measures. UKA’s project developers hold in-depth discussions during the preliminary stages with the communities involved to decide on suitable measures. Here you can find out more about the various forms of compensation and UKA’s credentials in this respect.

Details on compensatory measures

Meet the UKA team

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