Wind turbine servicing for owners of wind farms

The acquisition of a turn-key wind farm is the foundation for a lucrative business.

However, to ensure that your investment achieves long-term success, wind farm management is needed to keep turbines performing at their technical and commercial best for decades to come. This is UKB’s speciality. With its technical and commercial wind farm management services, the operations specialist helps its customers to optimise their yields.

UKB’s services for owners of wind farms include the comprehensive servicing of wind turbines – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


  • Conducting visual inspections
  • Inspection of work carried out by maintenance companies
  • Inspection of defect repairs
  • Troubleshooting
  • Implementing switching operations
  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • Accompanying experts on-site
  • Monitoring of repair and improvement measures


  • Monitoring of remote data connections
  • Monitoring of wind turbines in multiple-shift operation
  • Immediate introduction of measures for emergency maintenance
  • Switching turbines on and off
  • Implementing switching operations
  • Control of live and ten-minute data transmissions
  • Maintaining the logbook
  • Reporting planned and unplanned turbine downtime to direct marketers


  • Continuous performance monitoring, incl. evaluation of ten-minute data
  • Performance enhancement
  • Controlling of feed-in statements via online readouts of the feed-in meters
  • Introduction of maintenance measures, coordinating repairs
  • Invitations to tender for maintenance and repairs, reports, etc.
  • Controlling of maintenance and repair companies


  • Deadline and requirements management
  • Point of contact for operators, authorities and engaged companies
  • Evaluation of UKB visual inspections
  • Preparing notifications of defects
  • Assistance in legal matters with regard to legal action taken by the operator
  • Calculation of loss of earnings
  • Feed-in management computations using software developed especially by UKB
  • Making insurance claims


  • Bookkeeping
  • Analysis and controlling of business analytics, totals and balances lists, account statements, balance sheets and income statements
  • Preparation and ongoing adjustment of the cash flow and budget plans
  • Assistance in preparing monthly and annual financial statements
  • Deadline monitoring and reporting in accordance with obligations under credit agreements, correspondence with banks, handling of existing loans
  • Cost and revenue optimisation through contract negotiation


  • Ongoing analysis of key figures to identify critical situations and introduce countermeasures
  • Deadline monitoring
  • Feed-in revenue accounts
  • Inspection and controlling of credit notes
  • Loss of earnings accounts (direct marketers, insurers, maintenance companies, etc.)
  • Lease settlement
  • Preparing utility bills for substations
  • Monitoring and processing payments
  • Point of contact for operators, authorities and engaged companies
  • Organisation of shareholder meetings

UKB – the operations manager

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