Come on board as a partner

UKA supports you at every stage of your project as a financially strong partner with proven experience in implementation – no matter what type of systems you have.

Benefit from a partnership with UKA:

You benefit from UKAs...

  • Willingness to collaborate: UKA have collaborative and remuneration models that will tailor to your requirements in a fair balance of interests.
  • Financial autonomy: UKA has a good liquidity base, which means that projects can be implemented quickly.
  • Manufacturer network: UKA holds framework agreements with leading manufacturers and advantageous cost schemes are in place with suppliers of farm infrastructure.
  • Decision-making structure: UKA is owner-managed and therefore offers short decision paths and rapid, non-bureaucratic processes.
  • Expertise: highly trained employees who have considerable experience with complex and difficult authorisation procedures.
  • Open communication: UKA actively encourages open and reliable communication, together with transparent documentation.
  • Full-scale development from a single source: alongside project development sites, the UKA Group also includes experts in financing and cost calculation, the corporation’s own developer, UKA Projektträger and operations manager UKB.

We benefit from your...

  • Local networks: you have the link with the landowners and communities. You are aware of the mood in the project area; you know the decision-makers and opinion-leaders.
  • Local knowledge: you know “your” region like the back of your hand and which sites have potential for future renewable energy projects (wind, solar, storage, etc.); or where there are prospects for repowering.


If you have a suitable project or project rights, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!



With nearly 400 wind turbines and more than 1 GW of installed capacity, UKA’s wind farms are among the most advanced in Europe.

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Do you have old turbines in your wind farm? With repowering, older turbines can be replaced with a lower number of more modern, more efficient turbines, allowing you to triple to sextuple your installed capacity with ease. You can find out more about repowering with UKA here.


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