UKA secures jobs and continues to hire despite economic crisis

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UKA secures jobs and continues to hire despite economic crisis

The UKA Group sees no reason for staff reductions in the current pandemic crisis. Rather the opposite: application and recruitment procedures are continuing, although currently via telephone or video conference.

To protect their staff and provide childcare, UKA decided early on to send its approximately 600 employees to work from home.  Currently, there are about 80 positions advertised on the company's website. Life will continue after this crisis. People will need energy, and the fight against climate change will continue. Today in particular, politicians and the public are realising how important local supplies of basic services and the reduction of global dependencies are. This is why UKA is looking to the future with optimism. The company will benefit from its forward-looking risk management.

However, the pandemic has also caused massive changes in operations and processes at UKA. Medium-term projects in the area of digitisation and mobile working were implemented in the company within a few days with considerable commitment from the specialist groups and the staff. Not only are job interviews currently being conducted via video or telephone to prevent infection, but also a large part of the social interaction of the workforce is now taking place electronically. For the wind and solar park developer, the assumption of social responsibility is part of the corporate identity, particularly in light of its business sector. For this reason, UKA also feels obligated to actively participate in the fight against the corona pandemic. "If we as a community want to fight the pandemic effectively, there is no alternative today to physical distance and ultimately to home quarantine," explains Henrik Oliver von Oehsen, spokesman for the UKA group. UKA stands behind: Stay at home!

UKA prevents physical contact by providing its staff with virtual communication channels under the motto: "Physical distance, but virtual social contact". Thus, departments and groups "meet" twice a day for "virtual coffee", which, in addition to work topics, is mainly geared towards supporting each other in difficult times. The video chats among colleagues are intended to create structure in the unusual work situation. At the same time, UKA does not adhere to strict schedules. The employees need to be flexible enough to combine work and childcare.

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