Expertise in the planning of ground-mounted photovoltaic systems

Many aspects require consideration when installing photovoltaic systems.

A step-by-step explanation, from site analysis to construction, is provided below. It gives you an idea of the project procedure for the implementation of photovoltaic systems.

From surface inspection to securing the site

Potential PV locations are carefully examined by UKA in accordance with comprehensive criteria. A decisive factor for the profitable operation of photovoltaic systems is, firstly, direct and unshaded solar radiation for as long as possible throughout the year.

If a location is suitable for photovoltaics, detailed discussions are held with the owners and use contracts are concluded. The land thus remains the property of the municipality or family. UKA only secures the long-term usage rights for the installation and operation of the photovoltaic system. In return, the owners receive an annual lease payment.

Establishing contact with local communities is sought at a very early project stage to discuss possible cooperation and the benefits to the community in the project area.



Planning and Approval

In order to operate a PV system cost-effectively, the combination of numerous technical components must be optimally coordinated. This includes the careful selection of PV modules and inverters, optimal allocation and stringing within the PV system, as well as the efficient implementation of the grid connection at the medium or high voltage network.

The prerequisite for the installation of a ground-mounted photovoltaic plant is a development plan (B-Plan), which must be approved by the municipality. The B-Plan procedure involves both members of the public and relevant authorities. This may require various independent expert opinions, for example on nature and species protection or glare. Once the municipality has approved the development plan, the building application can finally be submitted.

If a PV system meets the criteria of the EEG (German Renewable Energy Sources Act), a bid for the EEG financial support is submitted in parallel to the central tendering procedure of the Federal Network Agency. For PPA systems, electricity supply contracts are instead negotiated with potential buyers of PV energy.


As soon as the approval phase is completed and the EEG support is awarded or the PPA contracts are available, UKA can start with the construction of the photovoltaic plants. We primarily enlist companies from the region in order to increase the value of the project in the region.


Operation and Decommissioning

For decades, UKA's internal operations and its professional energy park management teams have been providing the best technical and economic performance of renewable energy generation facilities. A complete dismantling of the PV facility can easily be guaranteed. PV modules fall under the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act. Accordingly, they are taken back free of charge. The elevated structure can also be easily removed from the ground without leaving any trace. Afterwards, the area can be cultivated again without restrictions.