Repowering with UKA as a trusted partner

‘Repowering’ means the replacement of older wind turbines – by reducing their number and simultaneously installing more modern and stronger-performing turbines. A three-fold to seven-fold increase in the installed performance is thereby easily achievable. This affects around 10 per cent of the turbine stock in Germany today.

We check for you whether local circumstances, such as regulations on heights, distances, planning, lighting and performance indicators, enable repowering of the wind farm in question, and offer attractive ways for you to collaborate and participate.

The advantages of repowering for operators and communities

Modern wind turbines exploit the potential of the wind more effectively then older ones. This leading to significantly lower costs for generating wind energy. Benefit from:

  • Multiplied performance with fewer turbines
  • Increase in full capacity hours and electricity yield
  • Optimisation of the look of the landscape through revised planning (dismantling of “uncontrolled growth”)
  • Considerably improved usage compatibility of more modern turbines with a higher degree of efficiency
  • Increased levels of acceptance thanks to revised planning in accordance with current immission control regulations and circumspect site selection

If you have potential repowering projects or project rights and are interested in collaboration please contact us. Give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!

Möglenz Wind Farm


The Möglenz wind farm in Brandenburg commenced operation in 2000 and has been extended several times over the subsequent years, most recently in November 2016. The farm comprises 14 Vestas-manufactured wind turbines with a rated capacity of 33.9 megawatts. In 2014 four NEG Micon 900/52, 900 kW model wind turbines were replaced with three more modern Vestas V112, 3.0 MW model turbines.

Experience & expertise

Experience & expertise

Take a look at the successfully upgraded wind farms and see for yourself! With more than 360 wind turbines and about 925 MW of installed capacity, UKA’s wind farms are among the most advanced in Europe.

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