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UKA Chile serves the Chilean and broader Latin American market since 2019. The subsidiary is actively developing a diverse portfolio of solar, battery energy storage systems (BESS) as well as wind projects in Chile and Panama with a pipeline of approximately 2,000 MW.

Over the past decade, the Chilean market alone has witnessed remarkable growth in solar and wind energy, increasing from zero installed capacity to 8,593 MW in 2022, as reported by Chile’s Independent System Operator (Chilean ISO annual report). As part of Chile's energy transition, the gradual decommissioning of coal-fired power plants is anticipated, paving the way for additional wind and solar energy. This shift requires the development of approximately 22 GW of renewable energy sources to replace existing thermal generation.

UKA Chile is promoting the expansion of renewable energies in the region with an office in the country’s capital Santiago where wind, solar and BESS projects are planned and implemented. UKA Chile is a member of the Chilean Renewable Energy and Storage Association (ACERA) and supports projects in Panama as part of the Energy Committee of the German-Panamanian Chamber of Commerce.

UKA Group Business Activities and Services

The UKA Group is a reliable, financially strong partner for planning, implementation, and management of renewable energy projects. As a developer and EPCC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning) contractor, UKA offers a wide range of services – from land securing and dealing with complex approval processes, to project planning, financing, construction, commissioning, and handover of fully functional power plants. UKA has significant experience in operating and repowering existing renewable energy assets and is an exceptionally strong partner for wind farm development in forest areas.


    For more than 20 years, the UKA Group has proven itself to be a trusted partner and service provider of turnkey wind and solar farms. UKA's expertise lies in designing projects that are tailored both to local conditions as well as to relevant environmental and construction regulations.

    UKA Chile's multidisciplinary team consists of experts covering all stages of project planning, permitting and implementation. The Santiago office also supports regional development activities of the Group beyond Chile’s boarders.


    UKA adheres to a strategy of reinvesting profits as well as holding minimal debt in combination with a strong focus on promoting ambitious growth. With excellent capital resources and a proven track record in organizing and securing financing, UKA Group has established strong and stable relationships with a carefully selected and highly qualified group of financial institutions and strategic investors.


    The UKA Group has been active in the renewable energy industry for over two decades, covering planning, design, construction management and assembly of competitive renewable energy solutions. The group has extensive experience in procuring equipment and materials for its large-scale power projects.

    UKA collaborates with leading manufacturers through framework agreements and maintains strong business relationships with major suppliers for all project components. Moreover, the company has expertise in operating and maintaining renewable energy assets and handles tasks such as commissioning, technical operations as well as commercial asset management. By doing so, UKA ensures that each generation unit complies with the highest economic and engineering standards to deliver clean, reliable, and affordable energy for decades to come.

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