We engage with the community

The energy revolution is a social project underpinned by residents in their communities.

As the representative of a decentralised energy revolution, UKA therefore takes social responsibility seriously and promotes a pronounced sense of citizenship throughout the company and at its project sites. In particular, the UKA Group is keen to support young talent through local social initiatives, organisations and associations:

German National Chess Team

Since 2011, the UKA Group has worked with the German Chess Federation to promote the success of the sport in Germany.

As a long-standing partner and major sponsor of the German national chess team, UKA especially supports young talent. In addition, the wind farm developer sponsors various chess tournaments, including the first German Women’s Masters and the European Mitropa Cup for younger players. There are also active chess players within the UKA Group, most notably Managing Partner Gernot Gauglitz, who won the World Championship title for Germany in the 50+ category in 2016.

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"Kirche auf Rädern" project

Kirche auf Rädern (Church on Wheels) helps those in need by offering a warm meal and a friendly ear, and the Meißen chapter of the organisation supports people in the local region.

The project has worked closely with UKA since it was founded. UKA’s Meißen office on Bahnhofstraße is therefore also home to the mobile church, where several servings of soup are prepared at regular intervals. Alongside providing a suitable base for the project, UKA offers support through fundraising activities like the Adventscafé in Meißen.

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Meißen Scouts Association

UKA has sponsored the Christian Scout’s Association (Christliche Pfadfinderschaft) in Meißen for many years.

The wind farm developer and the association’s young, nature-loving members work closely together in the truest sense of the word; when the roughly 80 active members of the association are not on the road, they share the company’s head office on Bahnhofstraße 2. The scouts are deeply committed to their city, as proven during the severe Elbe floods in 2013 when the scouts took the initiative and organised vital local assistance. In particular, they used social media to recruit volunteers and set about stacking sandbags, distributing supplies during the floods and helping with the clean-up after the waters receded.

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Meißen Youth Association

This Meißen Youth Association (Kreisjugendring Meißen) helps to prepare youth city councils for their work, arranges participatory workshops, supports volunteer work and helps young people set up their own projects.

With the Flexible Youth Management (FYM) project, the association’s staff act as a central point of contact for young people in the region. Since 2013, UKA has provided the so-called ‘youth managers’ with financial support and sponsored projects like Girls’ Day. As part of this initiative, young women can visit UKA to gain an insight into working in the wind energy industry.

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Cottbus Human Rights Centre

Social projects like the energy revolution can only succeed if citizens have the opportunity to participate and contribute. Until 1989, this sort of involvement was simply not possible in parts of our country.

UKA has supported the work of this centre’s volunteer members for many years. The Cottbus Human Rights Centre (Menschenrechtszentrum Cottbus e.V.) has owned the former prison on Bautzener Straße and the Gedenkstätte Zuchthaus Cottbus prison memorial since 2011. The centre’s members are largely former political prisoners of the GDR who wish to contribute to reconciliation and raise awareness of this chapter of history.

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White Devils Cottbus

Team sports like basketball promote team spirit, offer exciting prospects and encourage sporting excellence.

Through the Cottbus White Devils, UKA sponsors a successful men’s team in Germany’s level two regional basketball league, the Basketball-Regionalliga Ost. As team sponsor, the wind farm developer also supports young talent in the U14 youth team and supplies the players with new kit.

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Elbe-Elster Student Academy

The Elbe-Elster Student Academy (Schülerakademie Elbe-Elster) has sparked enthusiasm for the sciences and engineering since 2009.

On the premises of the former ‘Louise’ briquette factory in Domsdorf near Uebigau-Wahrenbrück, school pupils are given the opportunity to attempt their own scientific experiments. Among other things, these include generating energy from renewable energy sources. With UKA’s support, the Student Academy visits schools in southern Brandenburg, where it shares information about generating renewable energy in its mobile classrooms. We support this work and have, among other things, purchased six wind energy science kits for the academy.

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