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The expansion of renewable energies will play a central role for Poland in the coming years in light of European climate targets. Conventional, largely coal-fired power plants are expected to be gradually decommissioned and replaced with wind and solar energy.

After the 2016 "10H" distance rule for residential buildings was relaxed, onshore wind energy development has become increasingly interesting. Overall, this leads to a large growth potential for wind energy in general along with similar increases in the size of the photovoltaics market, resulting in an expected additional ten gigawatts of onshore wind power and five gigawatts of utility-scale photovoltaics by 2030 (Source: TPA Poland/Baker Tilly TPA, Onshore Wind Energy in Poland 2021). In comparison: Current overall installation in Poland is 7.5 gigawatts from onshore wind and 11.6 gigawatts from photovoltaics (Source:

UKA is supporting Polish goals for the expansion of renewable energies with its new office in Szczecin which opened in September 2022. At the office, wind and solar projects are planned and implemented. Additionally, UKA Polska is a member of the Polish Photovoltaics Association (PPA), the Polish Wind Energy Association (PWEA) as well as the German-Polish Wind Energy Club (DPWEC), and is continuing to expand its network of local partners.

UKA Group Business Activities and Services

The UKA Group is a reliable and financially strong partner for the planning, financing, implementation, and management of renewable energy projects. As a developer and contractor in engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning (EPCC), the UKA Group offers a wide range of services – from securing the land and dealing with complex approval processes to project planning, financing, construction and commissioning, and ultimately to the handover of operationally-ready power plants, UKA stands ready to assist with its expertise.

UKA also has experience in the operation and repowering of existing wind farms with older equipment that requires replacement with new, optimized solutions.


    For more than 20 years, the UKA Group has proven itself to be a trusted partner and service provider of turnkey wind and solar farms. UKA's expertise lies in designing projects that are tailored both to local conditions and to the relevant environmental and construction regulations.

    UKA Polska's team consists of specialized experts in every stage of a project from initial project planning, permits and authorization to secured financing. The Szczecin location can draw on the entire UKA Group's decades of expertise.



    UKA adheres to a strategy of reinvestment of profits and minimal debt in combination with ambitious growth. UKA therefore boasts extensive financial capacity and excellent solvency.

    UKA's parent company G&W is a long-term holder of the "CrefoZert" label awarded by the credit reporting agency Creditreform which certifies excellent solvency. Only two percent of German companies receive this certification. To determine eligibility, Creditreform evaluates the entire UKA Group, including its international subsidiaries.

    The UKA Group has solid relationships with carefully selected financial institutions and strategic investors.


    Construction and Operation

    The UKA Group has operated in the renewable energy business for over 20 years, covering planning, design, construction management and assembly. The group also has many years of experience procuring equipment and materials for associated large-scale projects.

    The UKA Group cooperates with leading manufacturers via framework contracts as well as maintaining excellent business relationships with the most significant suppliers for all project components, which is an important prerequisite for successful project completion.

    Furthermore, the company is experienced in the operation and maintenance of renewable energy facilities including initial commissioning as well as technical operations and commercial management. UKA ensures each power plant will provide decades of optimal technical and economic performance.

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